Who Am I?

Dr Callaghan

My family comes from Mallow Ireland, which is home to me, but I haven’t been back in 10 tears (that’s not a typo) I am a 6th degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do (Korean  Karate)

My friends include Black belts and Christians sceptics and a few pagans (self proclaimed ) in fact I try to put everyone I meet at ease. I write almost every day a wee bit which includes a commentary on every subject under the sun. I believe that if given the chance everyone will rise to the top like the foam on Irish dark (beer- don’t ask if your wondering what kind!) we’ll talk about that later. I am writing a new book investigating Christianity (read below for more info) I also have a strange sense of humor (which you find out later). So enjoy Gentle reader as I wet us some tea) I drink coffee myself!

I love letters especially behind my name for example Here what I have earned so far A.S. degree, B.S.Ed., M.R.E., Th.M., Th.D., (doctorate in Theology and Ancient history)Ph.D.,(in  Ancient Biblical Philology)  D.D. [a Doctor in Divinity] Litt.D.  [Doctorate of letters]which all come with papers and certificates (makes me feel like an AKC registered Chihuahua. All which like the Scarecrow in the “Wizard of OZ” says that I have brains (or that I’m smart). You could have ask my mother that! I am a Pastor and Teacher, employing a research-laden approach to the analysis of God’s Word in the Old and New Testaments, I unfold and present teaching in context with history and the sciences. A natural linguist with command of twenty languages, digging deeply into our vast collection of ancient manuscripts to find and communicate the purest understanding of what the original inspired writers of the Bible had to say.

But really all the education in the world doesn’t make you smart it’s what you learned in Kindergarten that counts. I learned to play nice with others, take my turn and wash my hands before I eat. Oh yes and to take a nap in the afternoon! which is where I’m headed now.


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