My Better Half

Gentle Reader,

 Marti,  my wife keeps me in line on most occasions. Sometimes when I talk to myself and she ask me who I am talking to I reply “When I want an intelligent conversation I have to talk to my self!”  I say this tongue in cheek of course as Marti is one of the smartest women I have meet. With several degrees of her own  in English, German, Spanish and Farsi. While learning Coptic, Greek and Hebrew from me. We make a good team!

   We have found that in America unlike Europe Christians are more inclined (for the most part) allow their “paid clergy” to tell them what, and how to believe. Marti said that I don’t belong to a “church group” because  I don’t fit into the “mold” of Churchanity. For example here is a wee portion of what I wrote some time ago. It’s called “You can’t fix stupid!”

Gentle Reader,

 When the writers go on strike and reruns are on every Telly channel and Marti is sick I am left to my own devices (scary huh?). Even I can only absorb just so much Bible study. So what would you do? Well I look around at your blogs and read the best of the best (sometimes I comment, sometimes I have nothing to say, that in itself is astounding). But I find so much that needs attention, Dogs need fed  Paddy “Tis Himself” is giving me the Lhasa Apso stare which means “hurry up and fed us,  before I go and eat a Kleenex off the floor”! Duffy our Sun Conure is sitting inside my shirt happily chewing away all the Cotton around the collar. (I bought Duffy for Marti when we had to give up our last big birds a green wing Macaw named “Jolly” and a African Congo Gray named Addison gray. Duffy took to me because Marti was sick so much it was just after I got Duffy that Marti became bed fast and so Duffy bonded to me (Not what I wanted at all!)

 But this doesn’t explain my title or why I am holding you up with much better blogs to read or perhaps a job to go to.

 The graphic above is taken from a blog that has decided that the so called “bible code” can be seen in the KJV version of the English Bible. And this dear saint has spent hours trying to find out what this “code” says. In this case he/she has found words that while make sense to him/her dealing with string theory and the like. What amasses me is that so much time is spent on activities like this when most won’t read (let alone study their Bible anyway. I’m just saying….

 On another matter If you had 2007 in the ‘which year will a Holiday Display Task Force be created’ pool, you are a winner! A Colorado town has done just that, because AllahuniversegenericdeityGod knows putting up nativity scenes is a touchy subject these days. This quote regarding a particular display says it all about just how insanely politically correct we have become: “What the task force tried to accomplish was to craft holiday displays to celebrate our commonality and also to recognize the diversity of winter holidays celebrated by members of the community and to create a festive atmosphere during the winter season,” (Seth Anthony). Wow, if that doesn’t get you into the spirit of the season, not sure what will. Organizations like the ACLU that give volume to the fake outrage over nativity scenes etc. are most responsible for the heightened PC state we are in. So, you shouldn’t be surprised! “You can’t fix stupid”    

Green week on NBC has blood shooting out of my eyes and the blood started gushing when I learned about the questionable business ties NBC has to the green movement. NBC’s parent company is G.E., who has been big recently on making energy using green methods such as wind power. G.E. was fighting for the Kyoto Protocol and CO2 emissions caps because, they said, it was the right thing to do. Actually, what they were really doing was seeing a money-making opportunity. They saw the CO2 credit trading coming, and knew there was money to be made where there was nothing of any value actually being traded. The part that proves this green movement is all a bunch of B.S. is when Enron comes into the mix. How does the evil, ‘burn baby burn’, only cares about screwing the little man and making money company tie into the green movement?  I mean to say “you can’t fix stupid

And what about have you ever wondered why some of the biggest problems we face, from illegal immigration to global warming to poverty never seem to get fixed? The reason is simple: the solutions just aren’t very convenient. Fortunately, I don’t care much about convenience, just about common sense.Take the issue of poverty, for example. Over the last forty years, America’s ten poorest cities all had one simple thing in common but self-serving politicians will never tell you what that is (or explain how easy it would be to change).

Global warming is another issue that’s ripe with lies and distortion. How many times have you heard that carbon dioxide is responsible for huge natural disasters that have killed millions of people? The truth is, it’s actually the other way around: as CO2 has increased, deaths from extreme weather have decreased. Bet you’ll never see that in an Al Gore slide show. 

I’m just saying Gentle reader… “You can’t fix stupid“!

Unless you get involved and tell your so-called congressman the the free ride is over and that they better pack their bags and NOT come home as the tar and feathers are waiting.

 I’m just saying… “You can fix stupid”          

 DenisDog gone


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