An Embarrassment

There are some that think before they join the groups that are destroying the U.S.A. the warrioress is one!

life of a female bible warrior

I’m beginning to be embarrassed by the label of “evangelical, fundamentalist Christian.” I never thought I would actually feel this way and feel the necessity to say so publicly. Unfortunately, this label that I was once very proud to be associated with is now something that I increasingly find myself having to defend, justify, rationalize, and explain due to actions of others who have now made these words ugly, irrational, and anything BUT Christ-like.

Normal everyday Americans now believe that the majority of fundamentalist, evangelical Christians are Tea Party conservative Republicans who approve of what the extreme right of the Republican party are doing in hijacking the government and keeping it shut down.

What these people are doing makes me sick! It’s not Christian; it’s not Christ-like — and it’s repugnant to me!

I don’t know how to clarify that just because I believe in the fundamentals of Christianity (fundamentalist) and…

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