Subhuman Mongrel

life of a female bible warrior

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Apparently in 2014 there are Conservative radical Republican Christians who believe it is acceptable and even godly to call The President of the United States of America a “subhuman mongrel.”

Many other Republican-leaning Conservative Christians say nothing whatsoever to condemn this kind of behavior as sinful; they merely continue their own personal diatribe’s against homosexuality and abortion, as per usual, as if these are the only sins worth taking note of or railing against.

Personally speaking, I don’t think Jesus Christ appreciates the Christian who slanders others or creates lies and gossip about anyone, including the President of the United States. You see, the bible tells us that God doesn’t like liars. God doesn’t like false religion, either, that claims to be following Christ, but openly exhibits rotting fruit for everyone to see.

Warning, sarcasm ahead:

The following kinds of Christians can instantly be spotted because they accuse and slander…

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