Not ONE more

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Sen. Klobuchar’s bill is called the Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act, and it works in two key ways:

  1. It would add stalkers to the group of people prohibited from buying guns, which already includes the severely mentally ill and violent criminals.
  2. It would prohibit all domestic abusers from buying guns, including dating partners — not just spouses.


As we saw this weekend, and far too many times before, women are too often the target of gun violence. Driven by misogyny and enabled by lax or non-existent gun laws, gunmen like the shooter near Santa Barbara channel their rage into shooting women.

We can do more to put an end to horrific crimes like this. We can do more to save women’s lives. We can declare #NotOneMore.

Please send an urgent message to your senators now:




One Response to “Not ONE more”

  1. Angela Grant Says:

    Hi Dr Denis, The bill is a down stream approach that addresses symptoms not the underlying etiologies.

    Also who defines stalker? The courts with their corrupt judges or police officers who racial profile…

    Look at how the war on drugs turned out to be a war on poverty and now a war on young black males.

    The above bill has the potential for much of the same perversion. Furthermore, it is the same old FAILED process and approach that is not well- thought out.

    Let us be proactive and address the the real issues instead of attempting to limit individual rights in this case gun ownership..

    BTW, Women are often defined as stalkers by men.

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